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Re: Persisting a one-off hostname change

On 27 February 2012 16:19, Bob Proulx <bob@proulx.com> wrote:
> If you are generating random hostnames then does it actually matter
> what name the current host uses?  Would "localhost" be as good as any
> randomly generated one?

The randomness is needed to avoid name collisions when multiple
devices are running. They offer SSH/SFTP and Samba services over the
network, and need to be available by hostname rather than IP address
(via Avahi and whatever Samba uses, NetBIOS I think).

> You could still set the hostname randomly.  Then later come back and
> write the current hostname to the /etc/hostname file when it is
> writable.

Later in the rcS sequence, or in rc[2-5]?


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