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Re: Re: How to avoid screen blanking?

On Sun, Feb 26, 2012 at 04:39:20PM +0100, Felix Koop wrote:
> if you look at the beginning of the thread, you see that I especially do
> not want any screen blanking. 
> Unfortunately it seems that it is not a screensaver issue, because I
> killed any screensaver process running and the blanking still does
> happen. Any idea who might be the culprit?
> I am using Gnome3 on SID and I have the effect since a couplke of days
> only. So something must have been changed in the last week or 2.
You might want to try installing another window manager, just to check
if it's a Gnome3 issue or a system issue.  Fluxbox and Openbox are small
packages with not many dependencies, and they don't come with their own
screensaver.  If you use one of those, and your problem goes away, then
we can concentrate on Gnome3 as the culprit.  If not, then it is more of
a system-level problem.

With both Fluxbox and Openbox, you right-click on the desktop to get a
menu (which will allow you to log out).


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