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Re: is there no sane, minimal, graphical RSS feed reader in existance?

On 15/07/11 18:20, Johannes Schauer wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been looking for a good RSS feed reader for years now but I still
> seem not to be able to find a sane, minimal graphical RSS reader.


> Are there others that share my need? If there is really no such thing as
> a real minimal graphical RSS reader, I'm close to writing one myself.

Python feedparser is a good place to start if you want to write
something. That is if using bash and sed + wget/curl is too easy ;-p

leak is a python based cli rss aggregator - not sure if it's still being
developed though

But for real minimal, Debian goodness:-

# apt-get install rsstail

$ rsstail -u https://www.auscert.org.au/rss.html?cid=20

Not sure if that has all the features you want (it only shows new feeds).

Aggregation is possible (kind of) by combining it with multitail (also
in the main repos).

> Since I'm not subscribed, please dont forget to CC me. Thanks!
> cheers, josch

Kind regards

Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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