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Re: debian squeeze / lynx / m.facebook.com

On 2012-02-19, Frederic Robert <frederic@petra.fredericrobert.be> wrote:
> Hello,
> I can't use lynx to go to http://m.facebook.com. Is it a compatibility problem?

I tried and lynx asked me to accept four cookies, which I did, but upon
acceptance of The Fourth Cookie (sounds like a title for one of those
Hollywood thrillers involving the machinations of an ancient satanic
cult) it hangs indefinitely, and perhaps forever, whichever comes first. 

But no!  Dastardly and devilish deeds! lynx, though suspended for five
minutes in the cybervoid, finally did arrive at destination, i.e. the
log in page, as I was typing this very missive.

So, I would say not an issue of compatibility, but perhaps one of the simple
virtue called patience?

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