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webalizer config?

I have webalizer installed on my Deb/Squeeze server at linode (serving
site in signature, plus others).
All the time it's missing data.
In the config, I have it using /var/log/apache2/my.log
and in crontab I have

0 1 * * * mergelog access.log other_vhosts_access.log my.log > MY.log
2 1 * * * mv MY.log my.log
5 1 * * * webalizer
(except I have the full path on all those logs).
This should, afaiu, merge the access and other_vhosts logs and the
previous merged log into MY.log, then move that to my.log (this my.log
then being merged again on the following day with new data).

But when I go to the web interface, I'll be missing a week of data at
time (generally the previous week).

What am I doing wrong here?
I've gone in and gunzipped old logs and re-merged tonso data, and gotten
what appears to be complete data back to January when the server was set
up, but when I do this, values change from what current, more recent
data shows.
Also, that's a PITA, and should not, as I see it, be necessary.
Furthermore, I feel like I'm not getting accurate data.
My understanding is that webalizer is supposed to be more or less
automatic, but if I don't merge these logs, I don't get full data.
Now, on any given day, I believe the old my.log should, prior merging,
contain past data, yes?
So why do I lack the previous week when I do this, unless I gunzip older
logs and remerge them (and then see unexplicable alterations to the most
recent data, or, say, the previous month, which shouldn't be changing,
unless time travelers are accessing my site)?

Perhaps I have misunderstood how to make webalizer work.
I did read the man page, and altered /etc/webalizer/webalizer.conf to
use my.log, etc.

all tony, all the time!

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