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Re: Since I've installed Firefox in ~, every update results in a reset

Merciadri Luca <Luca.Merciadri@student.ulg.ac.be> wrote:
>Quite everything is in the title. I'm running Debian Lenny (yes, I
>know, time to switch..., but haven't had time yet), and I precedently
>installed Firefox in ~/ for various reasons.
>The problem is not here. The problem is that every time an update is
>done, or even quite often (I don't know if each time this happens this
>is an update as it would mean updates are very frequent!) the Firefox
>starts as if it was installed for the first time (e.g. no history, no
>bookmarks, etc.), except that
>1) my plugins/add-ons are still recognized and used,
>2) my default webpage (start page) is still OK.

Firefox can be configured to forget history (and maybe bookmarks?) on
exit. Maybe you did configure it this way?

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