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Re: Bad news for Epson Perfection v330 - SOLVED

On 15 Feb 2012, Anthony Campbell wrote:
> I bought one of these in December and it worked well with the driver
> from Avasys.
> A couple of days my HDD crashed. After reinstalling on a new one I find
> that the drivers for this scanner are now being provided by Epson and
> they are not installable on Debian because of dependency problems.
> This scanner is therefore now useless to me.
> Don't buy it.

Sorry to follow up to myself but I found a solution. The missing
dependency was libltdl3, which is no longer available. But after more
googling I found libltdl3_1.5.26-4+lenny1_i386.deb. This allows me to
install iscan. Panic over - apologies for over-reaction.


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