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unable to add jet-direct laserjet postscript with "raw" queue

I am running Squeeze on an i386, with the Gnome desktop.  

Under CUPS, I am unable to add a HP LaserJet4 with Postscript and a
Jet-Direct ethernet card.  The problem is that I am unable to specify
a "raw" queue.

CUPS appears to me to have a bug, because it repeatedly asks for the
root password for authentication, and often gets locked into a
asking-for-authentication loop.

I have tried to install the lj4 via the Gnome menu (system ->
administration -> printing) and via the browser administrative
interface (localhost:631):

With the Gnome menu, I am forced to choose a printer driver from a
list which excludes "raw".  And if I install the printer using the
Gnome menu, I have found no way to subsequently change the queue to

With the menu sequence "administration -> add printer" the browser
interface goes off into never-never land with the message "looking for
printers" and never returns.

I previously added a HPLJ5 with "raw" queue, but CUPS does not appear
to be working correctly now, even after restarting the computer.

Someone needs to do a pre-Apple branch of CUPS and bring Linux
printing back to sanity.


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