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Re: How best to replace NetworkManager with wicd?

Am Montag, 13. Februar 2012 schrieb Chris Davies:
> keitho@strucktower.com wrote:
> > I'm a bit confused as to how to replace NetworkManager with wicd
> > (using both wired and wireless connections).
> My understanding is that NM will not touch any interface that is
> defined in /etc/network/interfaces. So, theoretically at least, if you
> simply go ahead and declare the interfaces "it will all just work".

There is one disadvantage with that:

Online detection in apps can be flaky. Network Manager reports offline when 
all of its managed interfaces are offline. No matter whether another 
interface it does not manage is online.

This even caused the famous I can´t surf with Iceweasel issue since 
Firefox/Iceweasel switched to offline mode when Network Manager reports 
being offline. Or the weather applet of KDE did not work and stuff like that.

So I am happy that Network Manager 0.9+ can it all for me now, although I 
do not agree to the report "offline" even when you do not actually now it 
for sure approach.

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