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Re:Sound Problems

On Tuesday 14 February 2012 20:39:04 debian-user-digest-
request@lists.debian.org wrote:
> Hi Emil, try this:
> The new kernel module added two new regulators "speakers" and
> "headphones",  and they are both set to "0" by default!
> Additionally kmix and some other GUI might not show them as well as
> alsamixer,  but just start "alsamixer -c0" and all sliders appear. Now you
> can set them as you want, and now you can hear sound playing again.
> Maybe you got the same problem?
> Good luck!

Bug 659519 on 3.2.4 kernels.

Have problems with on-board Intel ALC861. I will boot the new kernel and try 
alsamixer -c0. Regular alsamixer, -gui, and qasmixer show nothing new.

I also cannot start up jack on any device at present but this may or may not 
be related to kernel alsa module problem.

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