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Re: "Gnome" package now requires installing "tracker"?

On Mon, 13 Feb 2012 21:52:25 +0100, Claudius Hubig wrote:

> Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> wrote:
>>Today I have run a dist-upgrade and tracker wanted to get installed.
>>I didn't have it installed since I'm running wheezy.
>>Why this hard dependency? Is tracker now a requirement for those who
>>want a full GNOME desktop? :-?
>>P.S. "gnome" requires "gnome-documents" and "gnome-documents" requires
> Package: gnome
> […]
> Depends: gnome-core (= 1:3.0+7), desktop-base, alacarte (>= 0.13.2),


> Given this enormous amount of dependencies, I really don’t think you can
> complain about tracker. 

More than a complaint, I'd like to know why there exists such as 
requirement "now". It was not just a few weeks ago.

> Additionally, gnome is just a meta package, so you can safely choose to
> ignore it.

I have installed "gnome" (the metapackage). I want to install 
"gnome" (the metapackage), but tracker was not a requirement to have the 
full GNOME desktop. Until now. There are another desktop search/indexers 
solutions out there and GNOME did not force us to stick to one of them.

> I have to agree, though, that gnome-documents and, more importantly,
> nautilus[1] depending upon tracker might be unfortunate, 

Yes, it is. That's why I added my comments at the open bug.

> but then again: Use something else if you don’t like tracker. To ease
> things further, I bet that there is a way not to start tracker once it
> is installed.

I know how to configure tracker. I use it in my main workstation, it's 
really useful, but it makes no sense to have it installed on the netbook 
and I tend to avoid installing applications that I don't use, they waste 
hard disk space, are prone to bugs, need to be updated...



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