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Re: Amaya

On 14/02/12 15:24, Ethan Rosenberg wrote:
> Dear List -
> How do I install Amaya in Debian.
> Thanks.
> Ethan
# apt-get install amaya

Or synaptic, or aptitude, or whatever floats your boat.

NOTE: amaya is *very* intolerant of invalid code (strict xhtml only).
Like aptana, it's not really targeted at people on the start of the web
design learning curve (but it's still a very useful tool).

'You' might enjoy Bluefish (# apt-get install bluefish bluefish-plugins)

If I could make some suggestions.... GIMP and kate (or other Debian text
editors) are *very* useful tools. Others have their own techniques - but
the following is how I do things (even though the end product is usually
produced by a CMS).

1. Layout your design as blocks in GIMP (work off minimal view portal,
use percentage if possible, min-width in pixels) Put your measurements
as text in the GIMP image (or just sketch it on paper).
2. Write the containers to match in your HTML
3. Work out the order in which you want them to be coded
(counter-intuitive, search engines read in code order, not render order
- so if you've three columns and the main text is in the centre column -
that's the column you want to appear in the code first), re-order as
4. Write the css to to organise the containers for your layout (just
positioning, size, and contrasting background-color for each container
to start), re-order the css to suit inheritance (keep the css small, and
simple to understand).
5. Now that you can "see" the different containers (because of the
colours), adjust css to get positioning right.
6. Finally fill the containers with real content, remove the setup
background-colors from the containers (replace with real back-ground
colors) and insert element settings into the css.

If you just start by trying to do the lot in one go with an editor
you'll be up against it. Don't put anything into the editor until step 5.

Debian.org is a good reference (view source).

Kind regards

Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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