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Re: how are html pages printed?

On Sun, 12 Feb 2012 16:32:49 -0600
Mark Copper <mcopper@straitcity.com> wrote:

> I have a box where attempting to print an html page containing an
> image results in an error.
> It could be a configuration mistake or a bug, I think.  If the former,
> I would like to fix it; it the latter, I would like to know what to
> file against.
> Some details: box is a default Wheezy installation on an AMD system.
> Printer is a Brother Postscript printer added to system using CUPS
> interface and ppd file from Brother.  Printer seems to have no
> difficulty with .ps  or .pdf files, even those generated by a browser
> though "print to file" option.  Printer also has no difficulty with
> web pages containing only text.  The inability to print an html page
> containing an image occurs both with Iceweasel and with the Gnome web
> browser.
> So my question is:  where can I learn more about process that takes an
> html page displayed in a browser window to a printed page?

This pretty much has to be a printer driver problem, as that's where
all the complication occurs. If you have no alternative to the
closed-source one from the manufacturer, there's not much you can do
about it.

It's not the browser, as the two you mention use different rendering
engines, and will send different outputs to the printer driver.

Try another file format which mixes print and graphics, such as DTP.
The pdf and ps formats are both themselves printer driving languages,
and it it possible that the driver is sending these partly or wholly
unprocessed to the printer.

A workaround would be to print to file, then print the file, as you've
said that ps and pdf files are OK. Layout when printing html is a bit
haphazard at the best of times, so this step shouldn't mess up the page
too much.


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