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Re: Conflict resolution?

On Vi, 10 feb 12, 14:19:42, Brad Alexander wrote:
> Something I have noticed over the past year or more. Why does Debian's
> conflict resolution system automatically react by wanting to install a
> ton of packages?

There are several frontends to APT (apt-get, aptitude, synaptic, etc.), 
which one do you use?

> It seems like before, it would refuse to install the
> offending package, but now it wants to install tens or sometimes
> hundreds of packages (e.g. all of Gnome or all of KDE). It usually
> takes 3 or 4 s there a way to manage upgrades so it does not
> immediately resort to uninstalling major portions of the system?

Please copy-paste full commands and outputs, otherwise we can only 
guess. Also output of 'apt-cache policy' would be very useful.

Kind regards,
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