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Re: Long lasting issue with Asian fonts

On Sun, 8 Jan 2012 15:52:53 +0100 Francesco Poli wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I have a question, but I am not subscribed to the list, hence
> please Cc: me on replies. Thanks.
> I have experienced an issue with Asian fonts on my Debian testing boxes
> for a long time and I still experience it.
> I am not able to understand what's wrong.
> I filed a bug report against package fontconfig and I have sent a
> number of updates to the bug address, but I haven't received any
> response:
> http://bugs.debian.org/479035
> I think the bug report includes all the needed information, but please
> ask for more, if it may be useful to pinpoint the problem.
> Does anybody know whether this is really due to a bug in fontconfig?
> Or should the bug report be reassigned to another package?
> Thanks a lot for your time and for any help you can provide!
> Bye.

I've just found out that

  # aptitude install fonts-droid

solves the issue for me.

Hence, it really seems that I was missing an appropriate fonts package
with good language coverage.
I am therefore closing the bug report against package fontconfig, since
this package was not buggy (although a little reply from its maintainer
would have saved me years of head-scratching...).

I hope this update of mine may help other people experiencing the same
issue, if any...


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