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Re: eric4 with autocompletion crashes under testing/sid

On Tue, 07 Feb 2012 23:22:51 +0800, eddie wrote:

> I use eric4 under testing. When with auto completion enabled, for
> example. if I type "imp" there will be a candidate"import". However, if
> I pressed enter(or any other key), eric4 will crash and exit. Does
> anyone a proper way to fix that?


I have not direct experience with that IDE, but reading the Eric docs it 
seems you can configure the autocompletion system to use (embedded, 
QScintilla...). I would try with another one and see if it also make it 
to crash.

Another thing to try is launching it with a different locale and test the 
autocompletion (sometimes these errors are reproducible/localized when 
using specific locales, usually other than English).

Can be eric4 run from console with a debug parameter? That way you caould 
get see more information when it crashes :-?

In addition, launching the application as root (or as another user) can 
also provide you interesting data.



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