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[OT] webhttrack fails

Hello, all:

I know this is off-topic, so apologies for that.  Here's what happens
in the terminal when I start webhttrack:

/usr/bin/webhttrack(3980): launching /usr/bin/x-www-browser
/usr/bin/webhttrack(3980): spawning regular browser..
Created new window in existing browser session.
/usr/bin/webhttrack(3980): browser exited
/usr/bin/webhttrack: line 167:  3997 Killed
${BINPATH}/htsserver "${DISTPATH}/" path "${HOME}/websites" lang
"${LANGN}" $@

Apparently it starts its offline server (htsserver) but then almost
immediately kills it.  I know it starts it, because it delivers its
welcome page to my browser, Chrome, URL
http://sage:8080/server/index.html ('sage' being my machine name).

Any constructive suggestions would be most welcome.


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