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Re: A question about ssh-agent

On 2012-02-06 11:03:12 -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:
> This is a problem of opposing goals.  One group wants the system to be
> popular and easy to use for novices.  The other group wants it to have
> technical excellence.  It is exactly with issues such as this that
> they are opposing goals.

But instead of reading options from an admin file (under /etc),
it could read options from a user file (under his $HOME).

I think there could be at least 3 values for the ssh-agent option:
1. Always start a ssh-agent.
2. Never start a ssh-agent.
3. Start a ssh-agent except if the user's .xsession file is used.

Possibly other options for users of gnome-keyring-daemon (as if
I understand correctly, it can also start an ssh-agent)?

(3) makes sense as the default, as users of a .xsession file
generally want to control things. Novices don't use a .xsession
file, so that there won't be any problem with them.

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