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Re: icedove 8.0-2 not opening http links in browser

On 05/02/12 08:20, Michael Biebl wrote:
Hi everyone,

On 20.01.2012 00:09, MRH wrote:

After my recent update (Debian sid on amd64, icedove 8.0-2, iceweasel
9.0.1-1) everytime I click a link in email it asks me to choose an
aplication to open the link with (Launch Application). I'm aware I can
choose Iceweasel and tick to always use it, but I think it should (and
did) use a global settings (ie x-www-browser, which is actually set to

How can I fix it? I checked update-alternatives (for x-www-browser, it's
icedove / config:
network.protocol-handler.app.http = x-www-browser

What do I miss? Is it a bug?

I was bitten by this bug too so I did some debugging and I think I found
the culprit.

Please see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=658479#15


Awesome! thanks for the debugging!


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