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Re: Debian VPS

Resending to the list. Sorry, replied only to Ashton by mistake.

On 06/02/12 20:04, Mark Charles wrote:
> On 06/02/12 10:19, Ashton Fagg wrote:
>> On 4 February 2012 17:43, Mark Charles
>> <tipping_point@yahoo.com.au> wrote:
>>> Can anyone recommend any good VPS companies that allow you to 
>>> install
>> I've been using Evorack [1] for over a year now and they've been 
>> nothing but brilliant. Very little down time and the customer 
>> service and support is just awesome. You can usually expect a 
>> response from them within an hour or so, and they're pretty
>> liberal with discounts too. They're UK based and use Xen. They're
>> also IPv6 ready if that means anything to you. Speeds are good and
>> latency from Australia isn't too bad either.
>> [1] - http://www.evorack.com
>> [2] - 
>> http://www.lowendbox.com/blog/evorack-2-49-128mb-xen-vps-in-uk-3/
> Thank you. I found one. So far I am very happy.  I would quote it
> but apparently I am the last customer they are taking until, or if
> they purchase more servers.
> On 05/02/12 22:44, Tony van der Hoff wrote:
>> Presumably you're looking for someone "down-under".
> I was just looking for anywhere. I did not know the one I chose was 
> nearby until after I decided to sign up.
> On 06/02/12 01:59, Dotan Cohen wrote:
>> Not on the list are these guys who I am very happy with:
> Too late but thanks. I had so many good ones to choose from I just 
> shopped for an SLA.
> Also thank you to Pablo, and all the others who contacted me directly.


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