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Re: Netinstall cannot find wireless access points

On Fri 03 Feb 2012 at 17:39:40 +0100, Jens Tobiska wrote:

> I am trying to install debian on a lenovo x61 with an intel 4965AGN built
> in wifi card from a usb stick.
> The installation fails when trying to find wireless access points. It then
> asks me to enter ESSID and password which I do. It then does something with
> DHCP but still fails to find a network.

That sounds like a possible failure of the wifi device to associate with
the access point for some reason or other. Activating the fourth console
(ALT-F4) might give you some clue.

> In case it matters, I did create the boot usb stick with unetbootin. The
> result is the same whether I use stable or testing. For the stable branch I
> need to put the *iwlwifi*-*4965*-ucode file on the usb stick since
> otherwise the installer fails one step earlier (when recognizing the wifi
> card). With "testing" this is not necessary, I presume because the driver
> is built into the kernel already.

Which installer image did you use for testing? The one in production now
does support WPA/WPA2. The *iwlwifi*-*4965*-ucode file is firmware (not
a driver) and is in the non-free firmware-iwlwifi package. It will not
be asked for if it is on a detected medium during the install. If the
installer cannot find it it should inform you.

I can only suggest you try again. Use 'expert' mode. You can check that
the firmware does get provided to the kernel with 'ls /lib/firmware' on
the secound console.

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