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Re: lpr command not found

Vincent Lefevre wrote:
On 2012-02-02 11:43:24 +0800, lina wrote:
which package contains the lpr command for printing.

There are several ones:

$ apt-file -x search 'bin/lpr$'
cups-bsd: /usr/bin/lpr
cups-dbg: /usr/lib/debug/usr/bin/lpr
gnuspool: /usr/bin/lpr
lpr: /usr/bin/lpr
lprng: /usr/bin/lpr

Not sure what's the best one. With remote print servers, recent CUPS
versions (as those in Debian/unstable) are unfortunately broken.

Through this discussion I found out that lpr works in my system.
Only: I have to specify the printer with the option -P.
As I have only one printer I would like to set this as system default. Where can I do that?



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