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Re: Bug reporting

On Wed, 01 Feb 2012 13:38:37 -0800, Gary Roach wrote:

> I've been using Debian for years and still can't seem to submit a bug
> report successfully.  One of the main problems is that I have no mail
> server active on my system. I use Icedove. I have tried to setup exim
> several times and have always given up in disgust. The instructions for
> reporting by normal email are way to complicated for easy understanding.
> The examples given include copies of the world. I need something
> straight forward and relatively simple. Any help will be sincerely
> appreciated.

Reportbug is a nice tool, in the event it does not crash >:-)

And I don't remember of having to configure an e-mail server to use it, 
you can provide your e-mail address, your smtp server settings and it 
will ask you for the password.

You can also report bugs manually by e-mail. It is more complicated but 
works well.



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