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Re: hi, how to set gnome3 in fallback mode?

On 20.01.2012 08:34, shiyao.ma wrote:
> I did a fresh installation of debian tesing on my laptop. After first 
> login, the gnome3 told me that due to hardware problem, gnome3 was in 
> fallback mode. Thus, I installed the linux-firmware-nonfree. After a 
> restart, the gnome3 was in standard mode automatically. However, I found 
> myself like the fallback mode more.  I found "System settings->System 
> info->Graphics has no setting of fallback mode. It just shows that I am 
> in standard experience.
> How can I set it to fallback mode again?

- Make sure gnome-session-fallback is installed.
- Choose "GNOME Classic" in the login manager (gdm3)

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