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Re: gnome 3 not loading

On Jan 14, 11:50 am, Camaleón <noela...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, 10 Jan 2012 22:20:32 -0800, mond wrote:
> > Since the update of gnome3, I can only log in (from gdm3) gnome classic
> > which is essentially just gnome2. I can run gnome-shell (with replace
> > option) in gnome classic. If I choose to log in gnome3, the system
> > freeze at showing the wall paper, no panels, no alt+F1, the cpu or
> > memory usage remains normal though.
> Which VGA card and what drivers are in use?
> > Is there any log files I can check in order to locate the problem?
> Yup, you can start by looking into your "~/.xession-errors" file. And you
> can also try to login with a newly created user to see if that way you
> can start a gnome-shell session directly from GDM.
> Greetings,
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> Camaleón
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Hi Camaleón,

Thanks you for the input.

I just solved the problem last night after some research.

This looks like a common problem for a lot of users when updating from
gnome2 to gnome3. The Xorg.log looks fine. Xsession-errors indicated
some GTK color space problems. I removed all configuration files under
~/. Then gnome-shell started successfully.


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