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Re: Renamiing a USB external h/d

Sharon Kimble wrote:
On 12 January 2012 14:28, hvw59601 <hvw59601@care2.com> wrote:
Sharon Kimble wrote:
I have a USB external hard drive for my backups which is formatted ext
3. It is currently named as
'/media/8eef3b99-c17b-4913-ae61-d34c7fd5d459_ ' and mounted via fstab.

I've tried using e2label as follows;-
sudo e2label /media/8eef3b99-c17b-4913-ae61-d34c7fd5d459_ /media/backup
e2label: Is a directory while trying to open
Couldn't find valid filesystem superblock.

So I tried using rename as follows;-
sudo rename /media/8eef3b99-c17b-4913-ae61-d34c7fd5d459_ /media/backup
Number found where operator expected at (eval 1) line 1, near "/media/8"
       (Missing operator before 8?)
Bareword found where operator expected at (eval 1) line 1, near "8eef3b99"
       (Missing operator before eef3b99?)
syntax error at (eval 1) line 1, near "/media/8"

How then can I rename it please?

What is the output of 'blkid'?


 sudo blkid
[sudo] password for boztu:
/dev/sda8: UUID="4018fc29-4a88-4346-ab31-e95e67b99fee" SEC_TYPE="ext2"
/dev/sda1: UUID="8d3cc403-6dfb-49f1-b667-e7475b8ca20a" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda5: UUID="cd9d075d-d29d-4457-a5e7-8d9776d6fb2a" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda6: UUID="b9d6ae06-0075-463a-ac2b-238a94b2f6e9" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda7: UUID="6d280167-03a7-4e3f-96c2-44882e20f522" TYPE="swap"
/dev/sda9: UUID="0741170f-84e8-42e7-8065-85d2f4fc1ddd" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda10: UUID="f8fb1487-8f68-41b2-a044-d4ccd0ab2974" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda11: UUID="b8df75ce-5186-49b7-9760-ad3303ea3f81" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sda12: UUID="6276c183-10df-4767-b8f2-8e80ca99d66e" TYPE="ext3"
/dev/sdb1: UUID="8eef3b99-c17b-4913-ae61-d34c7fd5d459" TYPE="ext3"

If by 'rename' you mean 'assigning a label to the device' then it is:

e2label /dev/sdb1 media_backup

I would not use those '/' in a label.

Is that what you meant by 'rename'?


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