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Re: Removing debian from hdd

On Thu, 05 Jan 2012 15:05:58 -0300, Guido Martínez wrote:

> I recently borrowed a hard drive and installed debian on it, alongside
> windows. I used it for a couple of weeks.
> Later, I tried to remove debian by deleting the partitions I had
> installed it on, but that caused grub to fail horribly, and I had to
> reinstall debian. How can I remove debian? Can I make grub ignore that
> partition and then delete it?

I don't understand what's your final goal, let's see...

You have a hard disk with windows and debian installed on different 
partitions. Fine.

GRUB is the default bootloader which allows you to boot into Debian or 
windows. Fine.

You have deleted/formatted your Debian partitions. Fine. Then you 
reinstalled it (? - this was not needed at all).

Now what do you want to do? What do you want to get? Do you want to keep 
your Windows install and use the windows bootloader? If yes, there is a 
"fixmbr" command you can run from within windows recovery console to 
restore windows NT loader.

Hint: next time, instead installing GRUB into the MBR you can leave it on 
the first sector of a partition and mark the GRUB's partition with the 
bootable flag, this way you keep your windows bootloader intact if you 
decide to remove linux afterwards.



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