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Re: Removing debian from hdd

Am Donnerstag, 5. Januar 2012 schrieb Guido Martínez:
> Hi,

Hi Guido,

> I recently borrowed a hard drive and installed debian on it, alongside
> windows. I used it for a couple of weeks.
> Later, I tried to remove debian by deleting the partitions I had
> installed it on, but that caused grub to fail horribly, and I had to
> reinstall debian. How can I remove debian? Can I make grub ignore that
> partition and then delete it?

You need to install a MBR record and set the Windows partition as 

The package mbr should have such an MBR. It seems to have a command named 

Should be pretty straight forward, but I never had to do it.

Otherwise you´d need some kind of Windows rescue CD/DVD and restore the 
Windows boot loader from there.

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