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Re: New User Question

On 01/03/2012 12:52 PM, Martin, Larry D wrote:
I have Squeeze on an Intel box with CUPS installed and a PDF printer defined.
> What I cannot seen to make happen is to use a line command to cause a file to
go to the printer and create a PDF document.


From a console or terminal you can see the answer to your question by doing apt-cache show cups-pdf.

I can open the file with gedit and print to PDF with no problem.

What do I not understand about line commands?

That cups-pdf does not print to a printer, it creates a PDF file of
the file you sent to cups-pdf and puts it into the /PDF folder in your
/home/.  You can print it from there with many apps.

Thanks,   ..........Larry

Larry D. Martin
Mainframe Systems Support
Office of Information Technology and Communications



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