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Re: How to disable TLS in exim4 client part?

Alois Mahdal <Alois.Mahdal.1-NDMAIL@zxcvb.cz> wrote:
> Please, how do I disable TLS in exim4 as a client?

> I tried adding MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = no to exim4.conf.template
> (AND to conf.d/main/03_exim4-config_tlsoptions), but this
> does not affect client.

This is not a yes/no value, it's a defined / not defined value. So by
defining it as "no" you're actually setting it to true. So you should
comment out the line, thus:

    # MAIN_TLS_ENABLE = yes

Then you should run these two commands to rebuild the exim configuration
file (/var/lib/exim4/config.autogenerated) and restart exim itself.

    invoke-rc.d exim4 restart


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