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Re: phpbb, to avoid hacking

On 2012-01-03 16:15, T o n g wrote:

On the second day that we put our private forum on the web, we already
saw crackers trying to hack into the forum, using some kind of automated

I'm totally new to phpbb, but I guess the automated tool will try to
attack some well known predefined urls, for phpbbs it'd be site/phpbb/
ucp.php?mode=register, it that so?

If I move our forum entry off the well known /phpbb place, into something
the automated tools never knew, would it at least prevent those existing
cracking tools?


I'm not expert at all, but from my experience with WordPress most of the people will try to spam you.

Robots will look for "phpbb" (or something specific) in links, internal links for pictures, .js, .css, meta tags, directory's etc. and when find which forum you use they will try to spam or crack you.

I don't think there is permanently solution except rewrite all scripts. Maybe there is some plugin for rewrite URL's and meta tags.

Maybe you can lock forum for reading (except members) and in that way harden robot's to detect your forum.

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