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Re: Loss of Xfce DE functionality since testing upgrades to clutter on 12/17

On 12/31/2011 10:59 AM, Gilbert Sullivan wrote:
> Hi,
> This is more a matter of general curiosity than something I'm trying
> actively to fix. I would, of course, like to correct the problems, but
> they are not show-stoppers for me. If the behaviors I'm reporting can be
> expected to be corrected at some point by future upgrades I'm content to
> wait.
> If, however, I can contribute to development or bug-fixing efforts by
> filing or contributing to bug reports I'd be happy to do so. It's just
> that I'm clueless in this case as to the appropriate target for such a
> report.
> I noticed that apt-listbugs flagged the new version of clutter to which
> my systems were upgraded on 12/17/2011 as "breaking" mesa. The following
> bug report was mentioned.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=620908
> That bug report, though, doesn't really seem to have much of anything to
> do with the issues I've noticed in Xfce since that time. The issues I
> see are:
> 1. Compositing in Xfce doesn't work properly. All windows and panels are
> surrounded by large-width flat gray shadows, and transparency is broken.
> With compositing turned off, everything looks normal for that state.
> 2. The Desktop applet in Xfce Settings Manager is unable to change the
> desktop background. Instead, only the background selected by
> update-alternatives is allowed. Furthermore, choosing "none" doesn't
> remove that background image.
> 3. Right-clicking the desktop doesn't activate Xfce's menu system any
> more -- but this failure is something I've seen only on some of my
> testing installations, not all of them.
> It may be that I don't run many or any applications or drivers that make
> use of clutter and mesa in such a way as to cause the types of failures
> mentioned in the bug report. I have seen the
> failed to create drawable
> error on occasion in a terminal when starting some Mozilla apps
> (iceweasel, icedove, iceowl -- IIRC), but that's about the only obvious
> thing (to me, a relative beginner in GNU/Linux) my experience shares
> with the bug report.
> Would anyone have general comments on this matter that might guide me to
> some type of understanding? Are these issues I'm seeing connected to
> that bug report?
> I started to just report this to the xfce-bugs@xfce.org, xfce@xfce.org,
> or pkg-xfce-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org, but thought that it obviously
> involves non-xfce packages and might be peculiar to Debian testing /
> unstable, so that I should try here first.
> Thanks for any information you might provide.
> Regards,
> Gilbert
Oh, good grief! Never mind the noise. I posted in the Xfce community and
a kind user there (Forester) reminded me that this was probably just
corruption of the xfce session. Everything is working now.

At least I was smart (???) enough to doubt that this really had anything
to do with the clutter / mesa issue. Too bad I wasn't smart enough to
remember that Xfce seems to get its sessions boggled once-in-a-while by
upgrades. Doh!

Again, sorry for the noise.

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