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Re: Emacs ignoring my settings in ~/.emacs after Debian SID Upgraded

On 2012-01-02 18:47:52 +0100, Csanyi Pal wrote:
> It's interesting that that Emacs window geometry varying when one uses
> XDM or GDM with the same setup in the ~/.emacs file.

The window geometry is usually not stored in the .emacs file (that
would be a bad idea because the window appears before this file is
read). It is configured via the X resources. As XDM and GDM do not
read the same X init files, here's the potential problem.

IMHO, the best solution is to specify the resources at run time
instead of in some X init file (that would depend on the way to
start X). This is also more flexible. What you need is:

export XAPPLRESDIR=$HOME/.app-defaults

However, now with graphical login, it seems that the user no longer
has a login shell before the desktop environment, which is bad. So,
you'll have to find which file you need to put this in. BTW, I wonder
why it isn't set up by default.

Then you can create a file .app-defaults/Emacs that contains the
X resources, e.g.

*geometry: 80x60

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