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Re: what's the nice package to open eps file

On 02/01/12 22:42, Victor Nitu wrote:
>> On Monday 02,January,2012 06:31 PM, Wayne Topa wrote:
>>> apt-cache search eps |grep ^eps
> Just for the record, apt can search against regex patterns, like this:
> apt-cache search ^eps
> Cheers,
> Victor

If you know that .eps is encapsulated postscript you can get a little
more useful info:-
$ apt-cache search encap | grep eps
epstool - edit preview images and fix bounding boxes in EPS files
octave-epstk - GNU Octave encapsulated postscript toolkit
ps2eps - convert PostScript to EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) files
purifyeps - creates EPS files usable in TeX and pdfTeX

Sadly it still misses:-
;a number of viewers
;several editors (GIMP[*1], Draw, Scribus, and others)

After apt-cache this list is probably the best resource.


[*1] Yes - despite, um, mistaken beliefs, GIMP will happily edit .eps
files. (gimp-registry uses ghostscript).
Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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