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Re: incrontab usage

On 02/01/12 12:45, peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:
> Moving on to more constructive efforts ...
> peter@joule:~$ incrontab -l
> /home/peter/test IN_MODIFY touch ~/indicator 2>&1
> Then according to my thinking, sending a fresh copy of test 
> to Joule using FTP, should trigger "touch ~/indicator".  If 
> there is no pre-existing indicator, then an empty file should 
> be created.  Doesn't work.

I think one issue will be that when you copy a new file in there, it's a
new file - not the one you were watching. The kernel is tracking the
file by inode, not name. So to catch new files, you'll need to monitor
the directory it will appear in.

Unfortunately, my testing didn't get it working reliably either ...


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