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Re: disabling ipV6

Tony van der Hoff a écrit :
> On 31/12/11 14:20, Pascal Hambourg wrote:
>> Tony van der Hoff a écrit :
>>> When trying to read or send mail I invariably get a DNS timeout:
>>> Dec 28 10:11:23 tony-lx named[1768]: error (unexpected RCODE SERVFAIL)
>>> resolving 'smtp.vanderhoff.org/AAAA/IN':
>> The authoritative DNS servers for your domain, ns0.ukpost.com and
>> ns1.ukpost.com, are broken. If the domain name smtp.vanderhoff.org has
>> no record of a given type (AAAA or other), the NS should not reply with
>> status=SERVFAIL but with status=NOERROR and answer=0.
> Can you please tell me where that's documented, so I can hit them eith a 
> reference?

RFC 1035 - Domain names - implementation and specification

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