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Re: SOLVED - ownership of external usb h/d

On Wed, 28 Dec 2011 19:14:24 +0200, Andrei Popescu wrote:

> On Mi, 28 dec 11, 16:03:08, Camaleón wrote:
>> 1/ It's better not using "/media" for static mount points to avoid
>> mixing up things. "/media" is a special directory used for on-the-fly
>> plugged devices so I prefer to use a different mount point outside
>> /media and put the stuff there.
> /media is for removable media, perfect fit IMHO.

An USB drive that is added in "/etc/fstab" it starts acting as an 
internal storage (with additional hot-swap capabilities ;-) ) so I prefer 
to keep dynamic mount points (for USB keys, cameras, multimedia cards...) 
and static ones separated.



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