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Re: Preseeded installer uses avahi instead of waiting DHCP

On 28/12/11 12:14, Дмитрий Огородников wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have slow DHCP and TFTP-server with debian installer. Whet I try to
> install Debian (squeeze 6.0.3), installer sets IP to 164.254.x.x
> instead of waiting DHCP respond.
> Adding "d-i netcfg/dhcp_timeout string 60" doesn't change this
> behavior. Installer sets autoconfigured address quikly, so timeout
> don't get expired.

d-i doesn't have any effect at this point in the proceeding - that comes
well after kernel and initrdz are loaded.
If you want to affect that part of the process you'd need to use gpxe
and enter the IP at the CLI

> So I look for preseed option that disables avahi.

AFAIK There isn't one.

I suspect Avahi is getting that address from somewhere..... Wireshark is
your friend :-)

It "sounds" like you are running two DHCP servers - in which case you
have four options (none of which involve preseeding).

If you have multiple DHCP servers the problem is *easily* fixed - please
tell me the make and model of the primary (router/firewall) DHCP server
and I'll give you instructions.

> Thanks in advance,
> Dmitry.


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