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Re: OT: deferring gmail's new look

Ashton Fagg wrote:
On 26/12/11 06:19, Kelly Clowers wrote:
Still no desktop app is as good as gmail. The searching and Conversations
still have not been done right anywhere else.

I'd agree if Gmail supported a plain-text only view setting, along with the use of a fixed-width font. Although the latter can be rectified with the help of Greasemonkey script. Of course there is no disputing that for people like me who are too lazy to maintain their own mail server, using Google Apps/Gmail for mail is the way to go (and the spam filtering is nice).

I've recently started using Thunderbird (err...Icedove) over the web interface because I'm annoyed with many of the changes in the new look. (And the fact that I miss being able to set messages to be viewed in plain text only).

And when you set up the old look, you are forever prompted to go to the new one :-(


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