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Re: Menu Editor for KDE Launchpad on siduction is missing

On 25/12/11 10:23, Dr Sian Mountbatten wrote:
> The menu editor for the KDE Launchpad menu on the siduction distribution
> is missing, so that it is impossible to add menu items for programs
> installed outwith the Debian package system. For example, I have
> installed Firefox in /usr/local/lib/firefox and have created a symbolic
> link in /usr/bin to the firefox binary. But the menu does not have an
> item to launch Firefox. I have to choose Run Command... and put firefox
> into the one line window, press return and up it comes.
> But I would like to use the menu. So what has happened to the menu
> editor?

A. Ask the people who made your product (siduction.org is *not* debian.org)
B. Right-click on the KMenu Icon (bottom-left of the pane) and see if
there's an entry there.
C. type "kmenuedit" at a cli

> Regards

Cheers and Happy Solstice.

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