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Re: Launch default application from file in command line.

In gmane.linux.debian.user, you wrote:
> Hello there,
> Is it possible to launch a default application with a file from the 
> command line, e.g. something like:
> ./myfile.pdf
> which would retrieve the default PDF viewer and launch it on "myfile"?
> For the moment, I have a bash script called with "launch <argument>", 
> which analyzes the extension of <argument> and calls the program; e.g. 
> "launch myfile.pdf" spots "pdf" and calls "evince myfile.pdf". The 
> problem is that it won't follow automatically if I decide to change my 
> default PDF viewer or in case I create a new file/program association 
> (unless I make the script read some configuration file somewhere, I 
> suppose).
> Any idea?
Yet another option is /usr/bin/see, part of the mime-support package.

You can also use mc, which has its own config file.

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