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Re: OEM Install

2011/12/13 Dave Higgins <dave.higgins@dkds.us>:
> That's close, but it would appear that if I were to put the vm image on
> a DVD and take it elsewhere, this wouldn't help.
> Ubuntu has/had the OEM install.  Can that be ported to Debian?
> On 12/13/2011 11:46 AM, Andrei Popescu wrote:
>> On Ma, 13 dec 11, 11:33:28, Dave Higgins wrote:
>>> Is there a way to install a server installation to be an OEM
>>> installation.  For example, I'm going to start to have many VM instances
>>> of Debian and it would be a more simple task to install it once, OEM it,
>>> and then copy the VM image then to do an install over and over again.
>>> These VMs will basically be the same and adding packages is rather
>>> simple if I need to.
>> Have a look at FAI (fai-project.org)
>> Kind regards,
>> Andrei
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> No virii here...
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I had a similar problem time ago and this is the way I solved:
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I hope it helps

Best regards

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