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Re: memtest86's no show

Albretch Mueller wrote:
>  Probably one of you have managed to run memtest86 on a 64-bit Intel
> box (hp-xw6600)

Yes.  Not infrequently.

>  I downloaded and burned memtest86 Version 4.0b (Server) (26-Oct-2011)
> onto a CD, but when I boot up the box from the CD all I see is:

The original memtest86 was stale for many years.  It was unmaintained.
Therefore a fork of it arose as the memtest86+ project.  They were
very similar but they vary in what hardware support works and what
doesn't.  Then recently a project calling itself memtest86 came alive
again and apparently made a major rewrite of the old memtest86 code.
I think that means there are effectively three different major forks
of memory testing projects calling themselves memtest86* names.

You might want to report your problems to the upstream.  It seems
reasonable to think it might be a bug.

To keep moving try this one.  It works for me:


Or as Darac Marjal wrote installing it as a Debian package works very
well.  It also works very nicely when set up as a PXE boot so that it
can be run as a diagnostic from a network boot diskless.


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