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Re: Why is it...

--- On Thu, 12/8/11, Phil Dobbin <debian@horse-latitudes.co.uk> wrote:

> ... I tried to install Fedora &
> ended up with half a boot partition,
> tried CentOS (I'm taking my RHCE exam soon) & the
> laptop ended up D.O.A.

You evidently made a mistake (or several) during the installation.  You need to discover what BEFORE taking that exam.  Won't impress a future employer or client of your talents if you can't even install Red Hat.

FWIW, I've never experienced your problem, and I've been using Fedora since Core 3.  Now, switching to Debian for the longer support time.  I've done dozens of Fedora/CentOS installations on various machines--desktops & notebooks--over the years with few problems.  And computers are not even my profession.

> (wouldn't even boot from a rescue disk) so I tried Debian
> Squeeze which
> I use on my desktop machine & the laptop is now sitting
> there quite
> happily without a care in the World.

I consider Debian to have one of the best auto-installers around.


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