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Re: disable beep for wall command

Iuri Guilherme dos Santos Martins wrote:
> What's making that horrible beep is the calling of the funtion
> sigaction() with the first parameter being SIGALRM, and then it
> being called the function alarm().

Sorry but actually SIGALRM relates to the program event signals and
has nothing to do with the speaker.  I know it is called an "alarm"
but it isn't related to any type of alarm sound.  The sigaction() call
is the new standard replacement for the classic signal() system call
which was different on different systems.  SIGALRM is the signal
number designated for alarm events such as timeouts.  If your program
needs to wake up at a certain time, say one minute in the future, then
it can set an alarm for this and be woken up by the system at that
time and it can sleep until them not taking up resources.

> As we said, disabling your pc beep disables this, as disabling only
> the wall will not solve your problem (other programs will also beep
> the whole time).
> If your ALSA mixer does not have this (are you sure?), then maybe
> your sound card is controlled by other system that's not ALSA. In
> that case the gnome-volume-control may or may not have the pc beep
> option, but check the preferences again.

On my laptop machine I disable the speaker by blacklisting the
'snd_pcsp' module.  I believe that is the alsa module.  The module
name will be different in each sound system and in the old OSS days I
remember it being 'pcspkr'.  If you are using yet a newer different
sound system (pulse audio?) then it will probably be yet a different

Try looking for and removing snd_pcsp as first pass.

  $ lsmod | grep pcsp
  # rmmod snd_pcsp


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