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[solved] Re: Adding subtitles to video file

On Sat, 03 Dec 2011 13:53:47 +0000, Rodolfo Medina wrote:

>> I installed `subtitleeditor' in my Lenny system in order to add comments
>> to a certain video file but, when I try to open that file from within
>> subtitleeditor, the following error message appears:
>> GStreamer plugins missing.
>> The playback of this movie requires the following decoders which are not
>> installed:
>> MPEG-1 System Stream demuxer
>> Can anybody please suggest the proper package(s) required so to work
>> that out? I tried installing gstreamer-tools and
>> gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad, useless both.

Camaleón <noelamac@gmail.com> writes:

> Hum... I'm not sure (this multimedia plugins issue is a complete madness 
> for us, the users :-P). 
> Here is what I have installed in my Lenny box:
> sm01@stt008:~$ dpkg -l | grep gstreamer*.*plugins
> ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-base           0.10.19-2                  GStreamer plugins from the "base" set
> ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-good           0.10.8-4.1~lenny2          GStreamer plugins from the "good" set
> ii  gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly           0.10.8-1                   GStreamer plugins from the "ugly" set
> ii  gstreamer0.10-x                      0.10.19-2                  GStreamer plugins for X11 and Pango
> ii  libgstreamer-plugins-base0.10-0      0.10.19-2                  GStreamer libraries from the "base" set

Thanks!  The package required was gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly.


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