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Re: GRUB2 themes

On Sat, 03 Dec 2011 16:19:54 -0600, Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:

> I finally switched to grub-pc from grub-legacy. About time. Did it a
> year ago too but went back, I forget why.
> Of course there is no comparison between the 2.
> Found a terrific theming guide by Towheed Mohammed:
> http://www.4shared.com/file/lFCl6wxL/grub_guidetar.html
> Very nicely done indeed.
> Except I can't get the scrollbar to work.

Hum... here you have another nice article:

HOWTO: Splash Images with GRUB2 and GRUB-PC on Debian Linux

> IMO it is too bad that Debian does not put a nice theme together, it
> would look so much better at a first install.

True is that I prefer the simplicity of GRUB2 boot menu with no theming 
at all, but I agree in some environments a good-looking boot splash is 
more than welcome.

> Are there Debian Grub2 themes? All I see is Ubuntu...

Well, there is "grub2-splashimages" package (just images, not themes).



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