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Re: pasuspender syntax

On Fri, 02 Dec 2011 10:22:41 +0000, Richard wrote:

> I'm attempting to use pasuspender to stop pulseaudio when I run an app.
> the man page is not helpful nor is -h. What is the correct syntax to
> suspend pulse audio and just use alsa ?
> pasuspender --server=ALSA does nothing, so I guess its wrong.

Here you have a sample:


Audacity doesn't support PulseAudio, nor Esound for the moment. You'll 
have to kill or suspend pulseaudio before you use this application. 
Audacity uses the PortAudio cross-platform Audio API which doesnt support 
pulseaudio. Some work was started on making portaudio support PulseAudio 
but this does not appear to be under active development currently and 
does not work in it's current state.

Audacity can use OSS for sound input and sound output. By changing the 2 
settings in preferences to /dev/dsp, and running audacity as

padsp audacity

you route OSS sound through pulseaudio and can have successful playback 
and recording with audacity. You could also set the sound input to be 
ALSA which (for regular users) is less likely to be blocked by another 
application, as recording with multiple applications at once is less 
commonly done

Using pasuspender to momentarily suspend pulseaudio is another way to use 

pasuspender -- audacity <argument>

Maybe you can apply something similar for your aplication.



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