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[OT]: Changing icedove's profile browser setting for http(s) links in emails

Hi list,

I searched allover but can't really find a solution... I need to be running one Icedove instance with the -no-remote argument because I need to keep profiles separate.

Now the instance running with -no-remote will give an error dialog when clicking on a web link, complaining that "Iceweasel is already running, but is not responding. ..." *if* Iceweasel is already open.

I would like to try changing the browser used *just for this icedove* profile (e.g. to Midori). Most suggestions on the web are related to changing the system-wide default browser (which I'd like to keep to Iceweasel), also the tips I've found about adding parameters in the about:config didn't work, nor have I an http type in the attachments.

Any suggestion or advice would be highly appreciated.


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