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Re: crontab hour range 6-midnight

Jochen Spieker wrote:
> But beware that you probably need to use /full/path/to/my-script. $PATH
> is probably not what you expect.

Debian uses Vixie Cron which has some nice extensions, such as that
"*/10" you were using.  It also allows you to set PATH for all of your
cron commands.  I always have this in my crontab:

  # The default vixie-cron PATH is "/usr/bin:/bin", overriding the environment.
  PATH = "/home/rwp/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/games"
  # Setting PATH is a vixie-cron extension.
  # Variables are not expanded.  Quotes are optional.

But note that you can't use variables such as $HOME and must set a
hard string value.


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